Thursday, February 12, 2009

Table Numbers - The Process

I'm still sitting in my hotel room, and I couldn't really sleep (even though I have to get an early start tomorrow), so I thought I'd set up this post to lull me to sleep. It's been a long and busy week (work-wise), but will be back home tomorrow, and ready to reopen the shop! I can't wait to get back to designing creations for my customers. Thanks for being so patient! I love my clients. =)

Here's a post that I've been meaning to share for a while....

My Table Numbers are my biggest wedding item in my shop. It's my baby, since it was my first wedding item I listed. I've gotten a lot of questions on how the whole order process goes, so I thought I'd share that process, just in case any prospective brides want to know. By the way, this process also applies to other wedding paper decor (programs, placecards, menus)....

1. Purchase the item in my shop for $10. This serves as the deposit to get the design process going. I do not create digital proofs until this initial step is done.

2. Proof Approval Process: Based on all the information sent to me (names, colors, photos), I create "digital proofs" or "mockups" of how I envision the end product to look. I will work with you until you absolutely love the design. Here is an example:

3. Payment of balance: Once you approve the digital proof, I will invoice you through PayPal, the remaining balance of the order, so I may print and assemble the Table Numbers, and possibly order the materials if needed. Assembly can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on availability of materials (I may have to special order certain colors).

4. Finished product is shipped. I use USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmations, unless you prefer another way. I've had a buyer use her DHL account to ship, so shipping is flexible. I prefer to do it this way over First Class to ensure delivery. USPS Priority generally takes approximately 2-3 days.

5. You get to enjoy your finished product! And get ready for the oooohs and aaaaaaaahs from your guests at the reception! =)

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Tim said...

I love my table numbers! They are so beautiful! I know everyone at the reception will fall in love too!
Thanks Giselle for all your attention to detail! Kristi