Thursday, February 26, 2009

Candelaria Formal Event: Table Numbers & Programs

The Candelaria-Zambales Association came to me looking for table numbers and programs for their formal "Induction Ball." Because it takes place in February, they had chosen Red and White as their color theme. I actually had a lot of help from my crew (thanks Mom & Dad!) in gluing these together since it's been quite a busy month for GE Designs.

Here is the monogram I created to set the theme and tone of their paper products... I used the concept of initial monograms for weddings, with the Z in the middle. I just thought it would look cool with the group's initials in the "twined" look. So they went for it...

Here are a few shots of the table numbers. They went with themed table cards. Because there isn't assigned seating for their guests, they thought it would be nice to name each table after the names of their little community subdivisions in the Philippines. Since they will have a buffet, they want to be able to call out the names of their little communities instead of traditional numbers. Plus, it's a good way for people to remember their roots from their families' home town of Candelaria in the Philippines.

And here are a couple shots of their programs. These are booklets with 1 page insert, allowing for 4 printable pages.

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