Monday, June 1, 2009

Color Pallettes

For Monograms, digital files and to help paper match, I've put these Color Swatches and Pallettes together to help myself and my clients out in the design process.

If you are a Monogram client, it's best if you print out these image below on your home printer to get a better idea of which color is right for you. Computer monitors vary, so don't always trust what you see on the screen. Since you will most likely be DIY-ing your items with the monograms, it's good to print them out, so I can personalize your monogram/logo. Help me help you.

Now most of these colors are derived from the papers and ribbons I use the most in my past items. If you do not see your color here, I always do my best to tweak the colors till it's as close to what you are looking for as possible.

Once you've picked your color (or colors), send me the names, and the design process can begin!

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