Monday, February 2, 2009

Emma and Shaw's Carnival Themed Birthdays

Wendy came to me looking for the carnival ticket themed invitations for her kids, Emma and Shaw. Just so happens their birthdays are close enough together they can have a party together. I had originally made these invites for my goddaughter, Lea, which is why they're in my shop. Emma's and Shaw's are slightly different, because I used a heavier cardstock for the pockets, and I added personalized balloons with their initials on the front, to add more interest. Emma gets the girly girl color combination, while her little brother gets the dark blue/red combo ...

I also make the pdf files for DIY moms. Here's a DIY tip for you, if you decide to make pockets to go with the tickets... I had the TOUGHEST time making this heavy cardstock stick with just my ATG tape (which is excellent in most cases). I handmake the pockets myself. But because this paper is heavy, it tends to pull away. SOooooo, I went and used my trusty Scotch double sided tape, and that seemed to solve the sticky problem.
These tickets are also cute by themselves, if you stick them in a colored envelope. A great place to get many colors is
A Shop Announcement: I am retiring this item from my shop. But I will continue listing it as a "PRINT AT HOME" option for $10 so anyone can print these from their own printers. I will also include a template for the pocket. I would suggest using a medium weight cardstock for pockets.

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