Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cristina & Daniel

Here's the monogram setting the tone for Cristina's package... And the digital proof of her Menus. I created the pdf file for her to make the DIY menus. I suggest doing two layers of cardstock for the DIY menus. Maybe choose one textured cardstock, and one metallic. Since her colors are eggplant/dark purple and gold, she can use some cool gold metallic cardstock as the accent piece behind the menu. This digital mockup below is actually meant to represent a menu that is 6X6 or 5x5 overall. But Cristina opted for a 5X7 menu, so the file I created was 4X6. That way, the gold layer could be cut at 4.5" X 5.5", and the purple (base) layer could be cut at 5X7 inches.
I will be physically assembling her table numbers, so stay tuned for those results!

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