Friday, February 6, 2009

Shoppe Unique - Logos

I just had the pleasure of working with Diana for her shop, Shoppe Unique (Austrian crystal bookmarks and small jewelry). At first, she ordered one of my standard monograms because it kinda had the look she was going for, a vintage, boutique shop sign. So, instead of just changing the fonts and colors of my standard monogram, we worked together to make a logo that she completely loved. She was so great to work with, since she helped me find the exact colors, and fonts -- made my job easier. I ended up creating her business cards, her etsy banner, and an extra logo. Please check out her shops -- she also just created her own web site.

This logo below, is her banner on her web site, and the front of her business card.
Here is the back side of the business card. She had them printed at, and so I gave her the png file (transparent) so she can choose a colored background of her choice through that printing service.

And this version will be used for her own marketing materials (for signs, shows, flyers, etc)

And of course, her etsy banner!

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