Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentines Day Cards: Ahhhh Amore

More cards to share with you all! This time around, I have a few buyers that opted for different color schemes and messages for their loved ones...
Here is Laura's card for Martin. I don't thik you can tell in the photo, but she wanted a silver cover.
Sheri, loves black and pink.

Alyson, went for black and red. =)

And here, we have a personalized card with a cuuuuuuuute story of why the message is what it is. "You're My #1 (Reverse)" is such a good story. But alas, it's private, and I'll let this couple keep it to themselves. When she shared, i was like "awwwww." But, I am sooo priveledged to be let in on their story. Thank you!

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