Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lauren's Digital Files: DIY

Lauren is getting married really soon, and came to me looking for pdf files for her DIY placecards, menus and Table Numbers. Just thought I'd share them with you. She purchased her placecards from Michaels and so the brand she used has a template ready to download into the computer. I simply created the graphic to go in the background so that she can type in the names of her guests, along with their table assignment. The cardstock is already perforated so that she can easily assemble them. I added this design below into her Word template so it's easier for her to type over the graphic.

Here is the digital graphic of her Menu. She asked for the swirl design to match her placecards.

And finally, the digital layout of her matching table numbers. I created the background graphic below (including the monogram!), then I created 13 table numbers based on the couple's favorite movies and quotes from them! I loved themed table numbers.

This text below is overlayed onto the graphic above to complete the look in Lauren's PDF file. Now she just simply has to print and trim these 5X7 table cards to complete the look of her reception tables!

DIY Tip: When doing your own projects, always always ALWAYS print out one sample page on scratch paper before using your expensive cardstock. It's a pretty well known step, but I even find myself still printing away and ruining paper on some of the projects I put together.

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