Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jennifer's DYI Digital Menu

Jennifer's getting married this Saturday! Yikes! Even though I did complete a wedding package for her reception (programs, placecards and table numbers), she decided to go with a DIY menu. I created the following menu to match her monogram I made, and the programs.. I created the file to fit a 5X7 cardstock sheet. There are two options for her: print direct from the pdf file and set the page size to 5X7. OR, she can insert the jpg file I sent her into Word and print that way (with the page settings to the correct page size).

DIY TIP: Instead of using a paper trimmer to create multiple items (like menus), go to a local printer (i.e. Kinkos), where they can cut your cardstock for you for less than $5 (to cut a stack of 100). You only wait about 5 minutes (if it's not busy). It will save you so much time and frustration. That way, you can simply stick it in your printer, set the page settings to the size you want, then print away... Especially for those last minute paper projects.

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