Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kristi and Tim: more Table Numbers and Program sample

I had posted a sample of Kristi's table numbers (and monograms) a while back, but I had completed the rest of them, and wanted to post them again. Her theme is pink and Lemongrass green, and some bling in green.

She also needed a "reserved" card for her and Tim's places at the reception. The chairs at the venue wouldn't be able to hold a large sign tied to the back, so we went with tent-style 6X6 cards.
My next step for Kristi's wedding, are her programs. She wants to have fan paddle programs, which is pretty easy to make -- except I didn't like the look of plain popsicle sticks. So I decided to stain them a dark brown. I started off staining them with a wood stain in a "dark mahogany." But ick. After a whole afternoon of spray staining 50 sticks, they looked like popsicle sticks that had a Fudgsicle melted on it or something. I didn't even want to take photos of it. Sooooo, after all that work, JP (my hubbie) suggested I spray paint them instead. Back to Michaels I went, and bought a dark brown spray paint, and Viola! chocolate brown sticks that looked worthy of a wedding reception. So here's a sneak peak of a sample program I just put together for her.
To complete the look, and to make the fan program look a bit more upscale, I rounded the corners with a large corner hole puncher.
DIY TIP: Make sure you use HEAVY CARDSTOCK (81lb or 105lb). Especially if your popsicle stick has been painted. Your guests will be using these outdoors, and you can see through light cardstock. So the thicker the better. But not too thick! You want your printer to be able to pick it up...

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Fabulous! How much are the fan programs? I didn't see them on your Etsy site?