Friday, September 24, 2010

Kimberly + Joe

Kimberly and Joe are getting married this weekend, and here is their set of Crystal Clustered Table Cards! This style is still my favorite, and a top seller! She chose to make these double-sided tents, which is actually an excellent option for tented cards.  These are 6x6 inches, and this style is also available in 5x7 Tents.  When should you order the "tented" version?  It's more about taste, but if you are going to opt for the 5x7 size, choose Tented if you want to make them double-sided.  If you are only going for one-sided cards, then we can make a 5x7 card, with a "kickstand" option that allows the cards to stand on their own (this is more cost efficient for you if you are on a tight budget).  No matter what size or option you choose, the Crystal Clustered collection always dazzles!
Here's a view from the top to show the double-sided option (an additional $2.00 per card)
Kimberly ordered matching placecards with pre-printed names. 


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