Sunday, September 19, 2010

GE Wedding: The Dress

Of course, it's been a WHILE since I've posted about my wedding plans! But recently, I took home the dress -- it's altered and everything! Fits like a GLOVE (seriously, I can't bend easily but my waist looks TINY in it!).  Here is the dress from Maggie Sottero, the Madison.
I will have to say that my original choice was The Paige, with all it's lovely sequins and rouching. This was the dress I was seeking out when I visited the Trunk Show.  It looked great on, but the Madison looked so perfect on me, and so simple and elegant, I actually changed my mind.
Sooo pretty, eh?  Might have been a little too much for our small gathering.  I don't even think we'll have more than 15 people in Cancun.  But the Madison is the perfect destination wedding dress, and I hope it photographs well.

When I was trying on these dresses (and about 5 others), I had my mom and my favorite cousin, Yvette, with me.  I was counting on Mom to have an opinion (cuz she's not one to hold back her opinion), but when we were at the bridal shop, not one peep.  Nada. Zilch.  Really, mom? After all these years of hearing about your opinion on everything else in my life?  Sigh.  Later on she said she thought I looked beautiful in everything I tried on and just didn't know which to pick. Awwww, shucks.  Why didn't you say so when we were choosing dresses??? Thanks to Yvette, who found the Madison for me on a whim, I have the perfect dress for my Cancun Beach wedding!!!

Oh, and thanks to the girls at Aria Bridal in Escondido, CA, for helping me choose the perfect dress all in a couple hours!  They had a Maggie Sottero Trunk Show, and hold those trunk shows every once in a while, which is how I found them (scored a 10% discount!). Had my dress altered there as well ($300!).   Thanks, girls!  Here's a photo of me in the dress (minus my head) back in March. I was a little heavier then, and I didn't take a photo recently when I did my final fitting, but I posted this anyway.  LOL. Forgive me, I can't help but get all defensive with photos of myself. But I think we all get overly critical of ourselves, right? So recently, it looks the kinda like the photo below, just imagine it about 5-8 inches shorter (I'm so short! which is why I bought 4.5 inch heels). 
March 12, 2010: Day 1 (the only day) of Dress Shopping! No photos allowed until you buy!

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