Thursday, September 2, 2010

GE Luxe Invitation: Damask Crystal Cluster

A couple new items were added to the GE Designs shop.  The Damask Crystal Cluster collection.  A little variation on the Crystal Cluster look.  Each layer is metallic shimmer.  Even the damask pattern is printed on metallic white or ivory.  There are 2 versions, the Budget Friendly Version (BFV) or the GE Luxe version.  Both have the same elegant look, except the materials are different. BFV uses non-metallic papers and envelopes, without the pre-printed RSVP envelope or an insert.  This is a great option for Brides who want to save a little mula or would prefer to create their own insert pieces.  The GE Luxe version is a complete set with all metallic pieces (if available).  The splash of color is available in metallic and textured papers, depending on your request. 

Coordinating pieces are also available. Table numbers (below) are always made with metallic cardstock, unless requested for other materials to be more budget friendly. The sample below includes 5 layers of cardstock. 

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