Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEW ITEM: Damask Crystal Clustered PLACECARDS

I guess I have been avoiding making this piece for a long time.  Since I came out with the Crystal Clutstered Table Cards, I knew that it was only a matter of time before someone would ask for coordinating pieces. My client, Jennifer (her post coming soon), was such a sweetheart, I was more than willing to give this a shot. 

Now if you look closely at the photos in this post, you can count FOURTEEN, rhinestones on each placecard.  That's fourteen individually placed HotFix Rhinestones.  At first, each card took at least 5 minutes to put together.  So imagine using tweezers to place these tiny rhinestones and then heating up the rhinestones with my hotfix tool to adhere them.  Imagine doing at least 100 of these. Yikes.  Over time, I got the hang of it, so, after finishing this order, I decided to officially add this to my shop.  I have a good system down, and I say, bring on the orders! The price tag is $2.00 per card.  10% Discounts will be applied if you order 150 or more. 

Now first thing you should know is that since it does take a little more time than the normal placecard order, I would need any names that need to be printed way in advance.  At least 3 weeks ahead of your event date. This is to make sure that I have the names printed at least 2 weeks before, and that will give me a LITTLE time to print, cut and adhere those rhinestone clusters on there.  It's probably better to make these placecards, and NOT escort cards. Why? Because escort cards will require you to know the table assignments of each guest, and if I am printing them, it will take time to get that information finalized.  But what if you want their table number in there??? Since this particular set is printed on white cardstock (the damask design), you can handwrite your guests' table # INSIDE each card.  Even if you choose a different color cardstock, it's still possible.

Personally, I LOOOOOVE the result. Anyone can have these little gems for their own wedding. The damask design is just one version of this, but I will do my best to create some other color samples to post in the shop.

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