Friday, November 12, 2010

GE Wedding: Bridal Bootcamp Is NOT for Me

It's less than 50 days before our wedding in January, so I guess this is about the time that most bride-to-be's start doing the training to get in shape or lose the last few pounds so we can fit into those dresses.  For me, I had gained about 10 pounds in the last 2 months (since I took home my dress). So on a petite frame like mine, 10 pounds = 1-2 dress sizes.  Yeah, my "skinny" jeans don't fit me right anymore.  It's like, hello, MUFFIN-top.  That was my realization last weekend when I tried to slip into my favorite jeans for a party.  YIKES. I can't afford to buy new larger jeans that fit. Not now, with all the wedding bills to pay!

Time to lose the excess weight.  Bridal bootcamp?? No thank you. I told myself this week that I was going to hit the gym and do at least 1 hour of cardio every day to start burning some of that fat.  It's Friday, and how many times did I pass the gym down the street from my house? Five times.  How many times did I go into the gym?  Zero.  By the time I wake up, I feel like I need to get ready for work, and by the end of the day, I'm too drained to change for the gym.  Each time I drove past the parking lot, I kept saying to myself,"there's no parking, I'll come back later." Haha.  You know that once you enter your front door, the gym is not an option anymore. 

Time's running out - so what to do to drop those 10 pounds between now and the end of the year?  The HCG Diet.   I actually did the HCG Diet this past January through March, and I had originally lost about 30 POUNDS, dropping 5 dress sizes.  Thirty pounds in 3 months is a LOT for me.  By May, I hit the tiniest I've ever been since I was 14 years old.  And that's withOUT looking anorexic or too skinny.  My energy level was normal to high.  I loved it. I had a great summer of feeling great about how I looked.  Let's fast forward to now, and unfortunately, I fell off the wagon, and started consuming sugar and carbs.   It's true - sugar and carbs add weight.  And fast.

Back to the diet.  Here's a link to where I bought my HCG sublingual drops.  I only plan on doing this diet for 2 weeks, using their 15 day plan.  It takes a LOT of discipline.  I mean seriously, it's not easy.  I have to cut down my calories to 500 per day, take the drops 3 times a day, and cut out all sugar and carbohydrates.  Exercise? Good thing is, the diet discourages doing too much exercise due to the low calorie intake - so no guilt trips driving past the gym.  But I am still able to walk my dog for 20-30 minutes. 

We'll see how I do on the diet this time around.  I don't have as much to lose as I originally did, but hopefully the weight falls off just as quick it did in January.  Some people think this way sounds crazy, but I know people who have tried it after seeing results on me and my fiance, and for those who stuck to the diet, it worked for them too! At least 20 pounds was lost (within 1 month) for each person we knew. 

Looking foward to fitting back into my skinny jeans.  And most important, my wedding dress.

Should I post my progression online? I won't share my starting weight, but I think I'll keep a tally of the weight loss on my GE Designs Facebook Page.  Just to prove how quick this can happen.  Or not.  Wish me luck!

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