Monday, December 22, 2008

Marley and Me

So I found this great web site through Franklin Covey that creates cool avatars for you. You can add outfits and accessories. What sold me was that they had a SHELTIE to add to my avatar. I love my dog, so I'm definitely going to be signing up for this program. I was due to purchase the Jan '09 - Dec '09 organizer pages, and with the purchase of the GALS pages, you get a 90 day free access to their website to print your own notepages, to-do pages, and business cards with your personalized avatar. Plus it doesn't hurt that proceeds go to Breast Cancer. It's about that time for us to get our calendars for 2009, so why not make a difference while having a little fun with it? Check it out at Design Her Gals Web page.

Here is what I would look like just out and about with Marley (our 4 year old sheltie). And FYI, we got him before the wonderful novel came out.
This is what I look like when I go to work -- but I don't have Marley with me. I wish I could.

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