Monday, November 24, 2008

Ann and Kyle: Pretty In Pinks Part 3

Here are Ann's Programs! Actually, I'm still working on getting the last of these put together. We're down to the wire, but I WILL have these done by tomorrow, I know it! I just had time this morning to take pics of a stack of them for Ann to see their progress. These are the LARGE booklet style programs that hold 3 folded pages, which means she has 12 pages of text (the last page has their picture). The large booklets measure at 8.5" X 5.5" (half page letter page). Ann opted to use a photo of her and Kyle for the front cover instead of a monogram (which I usually do) or names. The text is printed in black on linen cream paper. I always try to use this type of paper for the programs, because I feel like linen give it a more elegant touch.

And here are her placecards. I had sent her 3 designs in a sample packet, and she liked them all so much, she decided to use all three. So we have the dual cardstock look, and two ribbon variations.

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