Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shop Announcement: New Hours of Operations for 2011

Well, 2011 has started with a bang, since I am now officially married! And usually, marriage brings a lot of changes into people's lives.  Being with my husband for 10 years and living together for 7 years, the "new" marriage didn't bring anything different to our routine, but this month, the new official hubby started a new job.  The next chapter of our lives actually requires my husband to travel for business 4-5 days a week, which leaves me only 8-10 days of the month to spend quality time with each other.  We'll be signing up for Skype and increasing our minutes on our cell phone plans, but nothing compares to personal time together. Which means, our friends and family probably won't see us too much on the weekends. 

With that said, GE Designs will be revamping Hours of Operation. I've made the announcement in my shop and on Facebook, but this little entry details what that really means.  These hours are just meant for emails and responses on Etsy to both clients and prospective clients. I used to spend all hours on the computer at night and weekends. With my new personal schedule changing, so does my time on the computer.  This doesn't mean I will not be working on orders.  Let's remember that I spend a lot of time putting orders together too.  I guess this is meant more for my current clients, and I don't want anyone to get too ansy for immediate replies. I want you to know that GE Designs orders are still top priority for me.  Weekdays are the same -- the only change is that weekends are personal time only and you probably won't hear back from me till Monday morning. 

Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm Pacific Standard Time
Saturdays - Sundays: CLOSED

I have also decreased the number of orders I will be accepting each month.  And I will be updating the GE Designs Paper Schedule in the shop announcments page
I also get questions on turnaround for orders.  Here's an update:

Samples: 1-2 weeks
Stationery orders SMALL (50 and under): 2 weeks after design is finalized with client
Stationery Orders MEDIUM (51-100): 2-3 weeks after design is finalized with client
Stationery Orders LARGE (100 - 150): 3-4 weeks after design is finalized with client
Stationery Orders larger than 150: at least 4 weeks
Digital Design files: starting at 1 week, ask for details

When I refer to "Stationery" it includes invitation orders, table numbers, programs, etc. This is just an estimate and may be affected by colors and supply availability.

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