Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GE Wedding: Cake Mishap

Only two things went wrong with the wedding.  And one of them was the cake they gave me was NOT the cake I ordered.   I HATE giving a bad review on anything online, but this really irks me now.

Here is a photo of the cake that I chose from their catalog of "Couture Cakes":

I then specified that they make the frosting white (along with the frosting details) with red roses.

Here is the a photo of what they gave me:

Any Sesame Street skit would say that these are two totally different cakes.  This was NOT what I expected.  The one they gave me looks more like their complimentary signature cake that they give with the free wedding package.  Can I say, lazy bakery?  Really?  Sigh.  On the night of the wedding, I wasn't so bothered by it, since I was busy trying to breathe in my dress and eat enough food to not pass out.  But now that time has passed, and I'm looking at personal photos, the cake mistake is bugging me more and more.  Like I always say, photos will stay with you forever, and the cake photos are haunting me.

Let this be a lesson to destination brides.  Make sure the venue of your choice makes a cake that looks exactly like the photos they show you. Confirm with them days before the wedding, and POINT to the photo and ask them that the cake look at least 80% like the photo.  Don't advertise it as a choice if you are not going to follow through with the design on the actual day (and charge $$$ for it).  I will concede and say that the cake itself, was super duper delicious. But please, the look of it is more important than how it taste. This will be the last time I complain about it. If our photographer is reading this, please don't send me photos of the cake. Oye.

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Elisa said...

I'm so sorry Gis, That is so disapointing when you order something and on the day of your wedding, you get something totaly different. Have you called and made a very big complaint? Go to the highest person there. I know you want to put this behind you and you have every right to. Hope everything else went well, he is a lucky guy to have married my miss you and good luck on this cake thing.