Thursday, October 28, 2010

GE Wedding: A Musical Dilemma

I'm torn over the music for our Cancun wedding ceremony and reception.  As of today, there are less than 10 guests booked (woo hoo!), which means that our reception dinner is going to be pretty tiny.  Is it necessary for me to spend $800-1200 on a Cancun-based DJ to entertain less than a dozen people at dinner? 

I've gotten mixed reviews from my guests.  Some expect dancing, some don't expect such a small group to have a dance floor.  It's just our parents, siblings, a few friends... hmmmm.  I worry more about guests being bored, but really, how can one be bored with a dinner on a gorgeous terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean? 

The alternative to a DJ would be to have our iPod playing in the background.  Not bad.  Just means that we'll have to come up with a good list of songs to play for 3 hours or more. Is that ghetto?  I've never been to a wedding where there wasn't a band or DJ, but then again, I've never been to a destination wedding.. Unless we win the Lottery between now and January, I think we'll be leaning towards the iPod thing.  Just need to compile a list of cool songs, and categorize them so that my wedding coordinator just needs to click play. 

Now for the songs... any ideas?  hmmmm. Updates later...


Anonymous said...

I have been to a very elegant but budgeted style wedding where they used a ipod and it seemed ok.Just as long as the songs that you use are professionally downloaded and not from places like limewire or bearshare where they can be louder than normal or cut off at the end of the song. GOODLUCK!

Anonymous said...

Hi's Eliza! I happened upon your website through FB of all places =) Wanted to comment about the music thing-Carlo was the groomsman at a friend's wedding in O`ahu this past August and they had about 60 people. They had a band play during cocktail hour but had an iPod for the dancing portion and it was fine! Like Anonymous said, just as long as the songs are downloaded from reliable sources should work out perfectly. Congrats and I look forward to seeing pics on FB!!!