Sunday, July 26, 2009

Claire and Patrick Table numbers and Programs

Claire and Patrick are going to Ireland this week for their destination wedding. She asked for programs and table numbers for her 160 guests (wow, what a great turnout!).
Claire's table number cards are double sided, with pink ribbon and rhinestone embellishments, all on metallic cardstock. She added an extra layer of shimmery gold cardstock as a triple layer card on each side.

The programs are 6x6 inch square programs with 16 printed pages. Covered in AQUA Metallic coverstock, and trimmed with gold and pink, I am very happy with how these turned out. I just Love those Catholic Masses and ceremonies. Claire and I worked hard getting the details ironed out with the text from the whole mass. What a great job, on Claire's part for working with a priest who's overseas. Turned out these programs became personalized missalettes, but these Programs are a lot prettier than the little missalettes I remember from my Catholic school days.

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