Sunday, February 27, 2011

GE Wedding: My Wedding Stationery (Professional Photos)

Finally. Some cool professional photos came in from the wedding!  Here are my programs that I put together the night before we left for Cancun.

And a shot of one of my invitations that a guest brought.

And a couple shots of one of the "Placecards" I made for each guest.  These were based on my Crystal Clustered collection.  They were made double-sided, so that each guest across the table can see the name of that person in front of them.  LOL, yes, we only had 9 of us at the table, and they all knew each other, but I just felt like it would be a nice personal touch. 

Now that I have access to the professional photos (taken by Matt and Jonathan of Del Sol Photography), I can start posting reviews online!

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