Monday, December 20, 2010

GE Wedding: In the Home Stretch!

Is it Christmas already???? For me, that means we're getting married! Wedding date is 1-1-11, and that's NEXT WEEK!!!

So what did I do since I last posted the details??

1. Paid the balance on our photographers
2. Paid the balance on the venue for the reception
3. Bought a veil

What do I still have to do?
1.  Pack
2.  Buy candles
3. Make programs, menus, etc. (yeah, I do this as a business, but left myself out till the last second!)

I have to say, I've slowly been getting more excited since last week.  It didn't register till we made the final payment, and now that all the details in Cancun are set, I'm just excited to go on vacation! Right now, I'm trying to tie some loose ends at work, to prepare for my absence, and then just plan for our vacation activities!

How many guests are going?  A total of 7, plus me and the groom.  NINE.  Oh, and lol, the photographer and his assistant. We started out inviting 50 people, but 9 are confirmed.  Which is what we were kinda expecting.  C'mon. A wedding on a HOLIDAY in a foreign country?  Who's gonna want to go to THAT??  It would be difficult, and it's more expensive. So ladies, if you are planning  a destination wedding, be mindful that if you choose a holiday weekend, that your guests have the full right to decline.  It was almost 50% more per night at the Gran Caribe, and they require a minimum 6 night stay during Christmas/New Year.  I know some girls find it important for almost all their invited guests to be able to attend, but for us, we wanted the 1-1-11 date, and we weren't dead set on having a large group there. We would've been happy if it was just the two of us.  But we are so grateful to those who chose to take their vacation with us! I can't wait to see you guys there!

So I visit the destination wedding forum, quite frequently, and they ask girls who post on their boards to post a "planning thread." This is where destination brides post photos and descriptions of their wedding details for other destination brides to see online. Only persons who subscribe to the message board can post and view.  So I will be posting on there, as well as on my own blog if time allows me to do so this week. We're literally leaving in 5 days, and I HOPE I can share my prep week with all of you. 

Self, just breathe... I'm already getting excited just typing this post! Woo hoo!

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