Friday, April 2, 2010

GE Designs Schedule

Here is an update on GE Designs' 2010 Paper Order schedule (updated 4/2/10):
April 2010 = No New Orders
May 2010 = No New Orders (Table # Orders May still be taken, please email first)
June 2010 = 3 Spots Open
July 2010 = Open
August = 4 Spots Left
Sept/Oct = Open
November = 2 Spots Left
December 2010 = CLOSED (digital files only)

I've been soooo bad about posting updates here of my latest work. Good thing is, GE Designs is super swamped with orders, but unfortunately real life has also taken its toll on these blog posts. Sooo, I will do my best to post more pics (I have TONS) of new stuff!

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