Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress of the Month

I just wanted to share a wonderful personal experience with a clothing designer on Etsy. Isadora Clothing creates the beautiful "Chameleon Dress," for everyday wear, evening wear, AND for bridal parties. I just bought a dress and a top from her, and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE them! I was hesitant to purchase something without trying it on, but I received my dress and top, and wow, what great workmanship. I noticed that she had listing in her shop for Bridal parties, so I had to give her a shoutout on my blog and encourage anyone trying to go for a beautiful look for the wedding party, and for a dress that can TRULY be worn after the wedding, whether you go short or long. Anyone who has known me the past few years, knows that I am NOT a fan of dresses that are not store bought or are handmade by a family member or friend with no experience. My advice to brides -- do NOT have your bridesmaid dresses handmade, unless the seamstress does it on a REGULAR basis for other wedding parties, and if your girls can truly give you the time needed to go through the numerous fittings that takes them out of their own busy schedules.

That is why I loved working with Vanessa. You can't buy her dress in a department store or bridal shop, but she specializes in the dress line. It's VERY reasonably priced -- think of it as spending $150 on 7 dresses. You only need One measurement -- your dress length. That's it. You may get your girls together for a one time measurement, and send it over to Isadora Clothing, and expect a great dress that will look wonderful in the photos and you'll know the dress will NOT end up in the trash or at the Salvation Army after the reception.

Thanks, Vanessa, for my Chameleon dress AND my top! Here is the link to Isadora's Clothing tutorial with more information on how to wear the dress in different styles. She just came out with different hem styles, and I am ready to place a new order for the new "Sassy" cut!

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