Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Printing Services available!

Haley had come to me for her DIY projects, including her invitations and now her programs. So I've decided to offer DIY program designs in pdf files for brides or event coordinators to print programs from their own computer. Just tell me what style and size you need, and I will do the rest. In Haley's case, since the date of her wedding was coming up soon, she asked if I could print them for her, which I was happy to do (since she's been so sweet). I ordered the papers, precut, and printed them for her and shipped them over for a nominal fee. Congrats, Haley!!!
GE Designs is now offering to design and print your programs for you, so you don't need to battle with your printer settings or paper sizing. Just wait for the pre-printed, pre-cut programs to arrive and get ready to DIY.

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